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The variety of food packaging environments and applications requires a diverse range of coding and marking solutions.  Willita recognizes that one-size-fits-all solutions are insufficient to meet your performance expectations.  Willita brings the broadest array of coding and printing technologies to the food packaging industry.  However, whether marking on cartons in a dry, dusty environment or bagging in a wet, cold packaging line, the need for highly reliable printing solutions remains a constant.  With products that bring both an up time advantage and simple usability, Willita helps ensure your team spends less time focused on the printers and more time on your operations.

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The use of preformed bread bags lends itself to a select group of coding technologies. The simple solution is to integrate on your conveyor to allow for bag marking after each product has been sealed and closed.

The type of closure you use determines whether it is possible to print on it and what technology should be chosen to perform the task. For optimal results, the printer should be integrated directly with the closure system.

Bread Bagger(图1)

(图2)Continuous inkjet printer(CIJ)

Fluid based, non-contact printing of up to five lines of text, linear and 2D bar codes, or graphics, printed on a variety of packaging types including stationary packaging via traversing systems.

(图3)Thermal Transfer Overprinting(TTO)

A digitally controlled printhead precisely melts ink from a ribbon directly onto flexible films to provide high resolution, real-time prints.

(图4)Laser Marking Machine

A beam of infrared light focused and steered with a series of carefully controlled small mirrors to create marks where the heat of the beam interacts with the packaging surface.