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Electronic Component

With the need for high resolution and high contrast coding and small mark windows, electronics and electrical components pose a number of unique coding challenges. Codes must also be able to resist chemicals in the production process that can degrade legibility.

Based on print size, resolution requirements, and code content, two technology options that are well-suited for electronic products marking are continuous inkjet (CIJ) and laser.

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CIJ printers are engineered to provide high resolution, durable codes on a variety of materials, even at micro sizes often required for electronic components and products. 

laser marking systems deliver indelible marks on a variety of substrates at high production line speeds. These products offer a number of advantages including high quality marks, permanence and fewer consumables. The line of laser solutions includes CO2 and Fiber laser sources in different power outputs that address a wide range of marking and application requirements.



Weighing Control and Bag Filler(图2)Continuous inkjet printer(CIJ)

Fluid based, non-contact printing of up to five lines of text, linear and 2D bar codes, or graphics, printed on a variety of packaging types including stationary packaging via traversing systems.

Weighing Control and Bag Filler(图4)
Laser Marking Machine

A beam of infrared light focused and steered with a series of carefully controlled small mirrors to create marks where the heat of the beam interacts with the packaging surface.