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With near-constant run times, dusty environments and temperature extremes, you need a coding solution that works as hard as you do. Achieving consistent code quality over the useful lifetime of your printer is not only possible, but with robust solutions from Videojet, you can minimize your maintenance, too.

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Willita printers are compatible with continuous operation roto-packers and offer maintenance-minimizing features for dusty environments that experience temperature fluctuations. Moreover, our bulk fluid containers allow our printers to run for longer periods of time, lessening intervals in between required fluids replacement.

Weighing Control and Bag Filler(图1)

Weighing Control and Bag Filler(图2)Continuous inkjet printer(CIJ)

Fluid based, non-contact printing of up to five lines of text, linear and 2D bar codes, or graphics, printed on a variety of packaging types including stationary packaging via traversing systems.

Weighing Control and Bag Filler(图3)Thermal Transfer Overprinting(TTO)

A digitally controlled printhead precisely melts ink from a ribbon directly onto flexible films to provide high resolution, real-time prints.

(图4)Large Character Marking (LCM) 

Ink-based, non-contact printing of multiple data types (alphanumeric, logos and bar codes) in large sizes primarily used for secondary packaging such as cases.